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NameDanielle Sinclair
Born...Gosford, NSW Australia :)
DoB...4th October 1983
Lives...Wagga and Wamberal
Studying...BA Graphic Design at Charles Sturt University
Likes...Friends, family, Going home, the beach, bed, music
Listening to...The Used, Tori Amos, and anything else that comes on random on my computer
Trade Marks... elvish tattoo on my left hip

last day 

well today has been one of those days where its a relaxed but still pretty stressful. maybe its just me.
it rained today. i love the smell of rain. its the best. thats a smell i think would have to be one of my favourite, without a doubt. its so fresh. of course i left my car window open though, i leave it open all the time thinking its never going to rain... and it finally did.
im trying to do that soup diet at the moment. ive been a whole 2 days and to be honest with you ive already broken it. woops... oh well. not to worry.

just another day 

got to watch 50 first dates today. and another movie called my bosses daughter. all on dvd :) they're pretty funny... romantic comedy type things... so if you dont like that genre then i recommend you see something else.
also worked again today... fun fun. so over it. i have to start at 7am on thursday :(
theres meant to be a huge work party on this thursday night too... dont think i'll go... theyre parties arent really my thing. its all a bit weird to be honest... if only people knew what went on when the bakery doors are closed.

non stick bags and becoming british 

another day at work on a sunday which means i smell like bread all day....again.
its coming up to easter so we are getting pretty busy and im to be honest i cant wait for it to be over. i hate bagging those chocolate hot x buns... i always get chocolate all over my hands and stuff and even though we have non stick bags the buns still stick.
there was a 21st for a guy i know back home last night but i couldnt make it back. wish i could of though, it sounded like fun. found this site... pretty dodgy really i think
other than that.. today is a normal sunday. i do need to get new work shoes though, for both jobs. im ruining my everyday shoes since i dont have work shoes at the moment.
got all my rego stuff on friday. need to work to pay that, dont have anywhere near enough money. and my parents also sent me the dual citizenship passport thingy so i'll be able to get a british passport too :)

untangling necklaces 

well today is saturday and this is quite possibly one of the most repetative (did i spell that right?) days of my week. same thing every saturday. i work from 8.30 till 4.30 sometimes its later sometimes its earlier. we start the day off with setting up the store and having a 5minute meeting and then we stand around and serve customers. some people are really quite rude. so yeah... today i spent my whole shift just about untangling fine necklaces. and then sorting them out into length, style and width. then i finished it and found out i did it all wrong somehow :(
then tonight i watched gilmore girls. got my doona and pillow and layed on the common room floor.

pollo pizza 

had dinner at la porchetta it was the best pizza ever i think...along with the pizza i had at surfers paradise. The pizza up tere was awesome too... heaps and heaps of topping. YUM!
What makes dinner even better is when its FREE
i found out that the average set of feet will sweat a pint of persperation per day... i found that out on this site :)
finally finished my assignment and handed it in today. now i only have this one to go. YAY! dont know how i'll go but all i can do is try... right!???


did you know that condoms only protect you from std's for the first 3mins of sex... and if you wear 2 at once you only get 7mins!!???
thought that was pretty interesting. apparently they dont advertise it cause otherwise people just wouldnt worry about wearing them at all.

just another saturday 

im going out tonight. havent been out in quite a while. not sure what to expect. have a feeling its going to be a big one though, even though i dont want it to be. i have to work in the morning :(

been working all day today. whats new for a saturday. it went so slow. also got my necklace off layby. it has 2 black onyx squares in a silver solid collar thingy.

i ate kfc for lunch today.


well today has only really just started.

im going to cafe mojo for lunch and then i have no idea what im doing :)
uni is nearly over for the term now. YAY!
i dont really have all that much to write...
its still only early.


iam so unbelievably sick today.
so far ive eaten a piece of toast, and i got sent home from work for looking so terrible and not working fast enough.
all self inflicted, so i really shouldnt be complaining.
im blaiming the redbull

planetoids and bike riding 

well today i went for a bike ride. Other than that i havent really done much at all today.
I did watch will & grace

Oh and i found out that Pluto isnt really a planet... i never knew that. Apparently its just this big asteroid that got mistaken for a planet and will one day disappear. They are estimating it'll disappear around the year 2010. And theres another one floating around thats of similar size and theres this debate over whether it should be considered a planet or asteroid. So now theres a word called planetoid.

Other than that... i think that was my day. Last night the nachos werent all i thought they would be. Between that and the fish bowl margarita's i was ill and home by 10pm... not drunk either which is what makes it almost disappointing and a waste of $20.

...ok... that is all for now :)

Just another random post 

well my whole morning ive been running behind. Thankfully i dont have anything else to do today so i therefore cant really be late for anything else.
I dont like starting uni at 9am, the whole 20 or so minute drive here i have to go through numerous school zones and this morning i got stuck behind a whole heap of cyclists taking over the whole road.

this is just a page i need to keep for later... so i thought i would keep it here where you could view if you want to aswell :)

im having nachos for dinner tonight... half price at montezumas. Havent had nachos for ages, im looking forward to it.
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